Uhhhh.  Ok.  It’s over a half a year in.  Welcome to my failed resolution.  Never mind.  I… moved (back to LA), worked on two ART from the ashes exhibitions, changed jobs a couple of times, went to New York a couple of times, went to Coachella, spent 36 hours in Vegas (which is 24 hours too long, by my standards) and I did not meet my end in an apocalyptic ball of fire as predicted by the Mayan Calendar … or rather what popular culture assumed the Mayan Calendar predicted.

There.  Now that we’re all caught up… can we talk about Atalanta Weller and how I need these shoes. Stat?


On August 24th, the Twin Peaks Limited Event Series Soundtracks took on the heat of New Orleans.  By special invitation, attendees of Record Store Day’s “Summer Camp” were directed to a discreet location in the French Quarter by way of a note slipped under their hotel room door:

Once at the lodge, guests were handed their FBI evidence bag…

And greeted by “Sparky”, our Twin Peaks floor sweeper (AKA ADA’s Scott Bergman), choreographed to Booker T. and the MGs “Green Onions” just like in part 7 of the show.

photo: Alexis Fleisig

Guests were treated to donuts, cherry pie and a special “Laura Palmer” cocktail.

Twin Peaks music supervisor Dean Hurley’s DJ set got guests in that Twin Peaks music mood…

photo: Alexis Fleisig

Twin Peaks Soundtrack artist Rebekah Del Rio brought the house down with her luscious voice.

photo: Erica Sparlin Dryden


Swooning over SS 2014 JW Anderson, Christopher Kane and, of course, Vivienne.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane


Vivienne Westwood


JW Anderson

My friends at Larks and Japes posted a curious recipe for Cinnamon Bun Cookies.  No self respecting sugar fiend could resist such a thing. How many times have you been in an airport or mall and smelled that cinna-sweetness wafting across a crowded corridor and thought, “Oh if only I could stomach standing in line under that terrible florescent light and then force myself to sit amongst the public at a table full of who-knows-what kind of germs…” Wait, that’s what I’d think.  You’d probably think something far less phobic, but I digress.

With the Spiritualized show at the Ace Theater coming up, I loaded up that stunningly beautiful & classic record and baked these bad boys. Cinnamon Bun Cookies.  Buttery.  Cinnamon-y.  Sugar glaze-y.



I have been a Mekons fan for many moons… and a fan of the Welshman that is Jon Langford for just as long.  In addition to being an epic songwriter and musician he is also an extremely talented artist.  Check out his work at one of my fave places in Austin, TX:  Yard Dog.  He’s a true storyteller through his art and music.

In 2010 Jon released a deluxe version of his last solo record, Skull Orchard, within a beautiful book of lyrics, art and history.  Indeed I bought this lovely package at Yard Dog when I was last there and Jon just happened to be in the shop.   Here we are with Yard Dog owner Randy Franklin and Walter Salas-Humera.  Walter was hanging his new show.  Jon was trying to disguise himself as one of Walter’s paintings.

Where's Jon?

Where’s Jon?

On April 1st Bloodshot Records will do us the honor of releasing Jon’s latest solo record, “Here Be Monsters”.  Til then we can enjoy this video for a track from the album called “Mars”.  Sublime.

If I were to choose a pair of boots to slosh around the NYC snow in, it would be these babies right here:

Penelope Chilvers "Impossible Boot"

Penelope Chilvers “Impossible Boot”

Hot pink, shearling lined and water repellent… I need nothing more… except maybe these when the weather warms up:

Penelope Chilvers blue suede "Chelsea Boot"

Penelope Chilvers blue suede “Chelsea Boot”


Roland S. Howard

One of the best songs in the history of songs

I love him so

Friends, don’t miss out on this season’s Rose bounty from Red Car Wine.  The last batch sold out and we were left high and dry for far too long.  This year we’re stocking up.  Set your alarms for this Saturday, February 1st to get your Rose on.

Red Car Bybee Vineyard Rose

Red Car Bybee Vineyard Rose


D*Face at Stephen Webster on Feb 5th.


D*Face at Stephen Webster

D*Face at Stephen Webster

Damon Albarn’s first solo record brings all his signature sounds together.

Damon collaborated with Creative Director/Designer Aitor Throup on the artwork and visual concepts for the project.

“Everyday robots… driving in adjacent cars ’til you press restart…”


These are my friends Jimmy and Mike.

Butter.  You’re welcome.