ART from the ashes (AFTA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to support communities that have been devastated by natural disasters by providing a cathartic avenue of healing through art.  Debris reclaimed in the aftermath of tragedy is transformed into one of a kind works of art at the hands of our collective of artists and shown in a benefit exhibition.  Our small but mighty team does everything from soup to nuts.  We don haz-mat gear, collect materials and we haul them in a truck.  We also clean up nicely and put on spectacularly curated and designed exhibitions with art of all mediums, created with these emotionally charged reclaimed materials.

Our current work is in support of Hurricane Sandy recovery.  We all have very strong ties to NYC.  Some of us have lived there.  All of us have people that we love there.  Our friend and Red Hook native, Miki Tanaka designed and produced the Red Hook Bracelet.  Proceeds from the sale of the piece will benefit the Artist Volunteer Center. Born of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, artist Jason Maas funneled his life changing experience into a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a forum to witness, present and participate in artwork that is derived from direct engagement with socially conscious issues.

Our largest undertaking to date was in Austin, Texas in April of 2012.  It was a week long show at a donated venue right in the heart of downtown; with 64 artists and 100 works of art which were created, in part, with materials reclaimed from fire sites in Bastrop, TX.  Proceeds went to benefit the Lost Pines Recovery Team’s  restoration efforts for the Lost Pines Region of Bastrop County, which was devastated by the wildfires of September 2011.   Our friends at KLRU did a spectacular piece on the show:

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