I am a displaced Indiana Hoosier who spent my early years riding in vans with bands while I did marketing and PR for the best indie record labels in Chicago (at that time): Wax Trax and Touch & Go. I’ve been a New Yorker (twice), a Londoner (briefly), a desert dweller and an Angeleno (three times now).  I’ve run marketing departments for major record labels.  I worked for Damien Hirst for a short time. I had the distinct honor of working on the premier season of GLEE and I traveled the rails and worked on the Station to Station tour with uber-artist Doug Aitken. The Black Keys and The Kills are in high rotation on my iPod as is a smattering of classic 70’s rock and every Tom Waits album ever recorded.  I am a fashion fiend.  I worship Vivienne Westwood.  My passion for shoes and jewelry runs deep.  I would give my left arm to be able to wax cast.

I am a the founder and self professed megaphone for the Los Angeles Makers.  I write about art for Art Nerd; and I run an arts non-profit, ART from the ashes, with a very dear friend.  It is the most beautiful and rewarding work I’ve ever done.

Sometimes I work on projects like BottleRock Napa Valley (marketing, PR, talent),

the inaugural iHeartRadio Music Awards (talent), or Shaun White’s Air + Style.  In my spare time I do this: Cookie Route