I have been a Mekons fan for many moons… and a fan of the Welshman that is Jon Langford for just as long.  In addition to being an epic songwriter and musician he is also an extremely talented artist.  Check out his work at one of my fave places in Austin, TX:  Yard Dog.  He’s a true storyteller through his art and music.

In 2010 Jon released a deluxe version of his last solo record, Skull Orchard, within a beautiful book of lyrics, art and history.  Indeed I bought this lovely package at Yard Dog when I was last there and Jon just happened to be in the shop.   Here we are with Yard Dog owner Randy Franklin and Walter Salas-Humera.  Walter was hanging his new show.  Jon was trying to disguise himself as one of Walter’s paintings.

Where's Jon?

Where’s Jon?

On April 1st Bloodshot Records will do us the honor of releasing Jon’s latest solo record, “Here Be Monsters”.  Til then we can enjoy this video for a track from the album called “Mars”.  Sublime.